Heritage in Medak

The Medak Fort is a huge structure that takes nestling on the top of a hill. It hardly takes about 10 minutes from the town if you take the newly laid CC road. About one-and-a-half hour drive from Hyderabad will take you to your destination.

If you wish to get to the top of this beautiful fort, you need to boost up your energy as a stretch of more than 500 steps await you. This enormous fort was built about 800 years back in Medak, which was then the headquarters of the district. The fort demands one's attention with its typical construction. It is elevated at about 90 metres height from the ground level and is spread in about 100 acres on the hilly region. It is believed that the Medak Fort which was built by the great Kakatiya's was renovated by the royal Qutub Shahis's some 400 years ago. On both left and right sides on the top of the third gate, stands out the 'Ganda Bherunda,' the emblem of Vijayanagara Empire built by the great ruler Srikrishna Devaraya. The historic fort, which was graced by two great dynasties — Kakatiya's and Qutub Shahi's is one of the main attractions of Medak. This 12th century piece of excellence has its own testimony attributing to the Kakatiyan glory during its golden reign. The fort houses a small lake, a barrack and a warehouse.

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Medak fort is located in Medak town, which is accessible by road from Hyderabad, situated nearly 96 km away.

Medak has many restaurants and hotels for dining purpose.

Tourists can buy small antique pieces, toys, crafts and fruits grown in this area.

Medak has many hotels offering accommodation to tourists. Tourists can also choose Hyderabad for stay.