Heritage in Karimnagar

The spires of the Elgandal Fort or Elagandula Khilla stand tall into the sky, piercing their way out to narrate the stories of its glorious past from the skyline of Karimnagar. They stand proudly narrating the glories of its past to posterity. Even after facing ravages of man and nature, the Elgandal fort still stands high showing its lust for power that has been pivotal in grazing and raising dynasties. The crumbling walls of this magnificent fort still carry the stamp of every dynasty that had once embraced its illustrious portals. Despite its debauched state, the Fort still remains one of the most splendid relics of Telangana's history and a commonly visited spot in Karimnagar tourism.

Located on a very scenic hillock, the fort gives a beautiful view of the Elgandal town. The fort is accessed with its only entrance gateway. The sumptuousness of the entrance gate continues to appeal tourists even today. The Elgandal town is situated on the banks of the Manair River. This place has become an important part of history as it has seen the reign of five major dynasties – the Kakatiyas, the Bahmanis, the Qutub Shahis, the Mughals and the Nizams.

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Elgandal Fort is situated on the banks of the Manair River approximately 10 kilometres from Karimnagar on Kamareddy Road.

All days of the week
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Karimnagar town has good hotels for food, which can be ideal for tourists.

Tourists can buy booklets here associated with the fort’s history and some local handicrafts.

Tourists can stay at Karimnagar town where many hotels offer accommodation facilities.