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Constructed in the 14th century the Dichpally Ramalayam, which is also called the Khilla Ramayanam is one of the oldest and most known temples in Nizamabad. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. It is believed to have been built by the generous Kakatiya kings. As the temple has a lot of resemblance in its style and structure, it is also called the Indhoor Khajuraho or the Khajuraho of Nizamabad.

To get to this holy place, one has to travel a distance of 27 Kms from Nizamabad on the way to Hyderabad. The Dichpally Ramalayam temple is one of the finest examples of the ancient stone architecture. It was built in white and black Basalt stone, and is embellished with idols of goddesses, devils, animals, and also has Khajuraho style erotic structures engraved on each of its pillars, ceilings and door frames. Each year, during the monsoon season, the surrounding area of the temple is filled with water and at this time of the year, the temple assumes the look of an island.

The Ramalayam has 105 steps which the visitors have to walk in order to offer prayers to the deity. For the convenience of old and challenged people, the temple also has a pedestrian subway. The subway is also the common connecting link with the Raghunanda Temple. Each carving on the walls inside and outside of the temple stand as strong reminders of the Kakatiya glory. The temple got its first idol of the great Lord Rama and his consort Goddess Sita, his brother Lakshmana and his greatest devotee Hanuman in the year 1949. The idol was gifted to the temple by a local devotee Gajawada Chinnaiah Gupta.

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Dichpally Ramalayam is located at a distance of nearly 18 km from Nizamabad town and is easily accessible by road.

Tourists can avail of the hotels and dining facilities available in Nizamabad town.

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Tourists can avail of the hotels and accommodation facilities available in Nizamabad town.

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