The Rise of Telangana!

Telangana, one of India’s prosperous regions since centuries, has witnessed dawn in the year 2014 with the realization of its long-cherished dream of statehood.
With many aspirations, challenges, dreams and ambitious plans, the government of Telangana realizing the hopes of its populace has conceptualized the idea of ‘Bangaru Telangana’ (Golden Telangana). The plan envisages making Telangana a state to reckon with in important sectors that will drive the growth of the new state.

Tourism, a Key Pillar of Bangaru Telangana

Telangana Tourism, created after Telangana formation in 2014, has been unveiling a range of new initiatives to re-brand the tourism sector of the state and also revigorate the potential of tourism in Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana.
Along with a vibrant online presence, many projects are being taken up at the ground level at several tourist destinations to revamp infrastructure and spruce up these sites, whilst providing a facelift for potential sites. With immense support from the government, Telangana Tourism is now on a journey of success, crossing one milestone after the other, in line with the vision and objectives of playing a key role to create Golden Telangana.

‘NRI Ambassadors of Telangana’

Telangana Tourism, has been growing phenomenally, with great potential for attracting higher domestic and international tourists. Telangana Tourism is now collaborating with the NRIs of the state, who can now be partners in promoting the activities, festivals, tourism packages and the wide range of destinations in the state.
The plan called ‘Telangana Ambassador’ envisages regular liaison of the diaspora with the officials of Telangana, video conferences with delegates and other initiatives to chart a new path for the development and promotion of Tourism in different countries.

Role of NRI’s
Telangana region is fortunate to have its ‘sons of the soil’ who have settled in various developed and developing countries across the world and scripted success stories in many fields.
The diaspora of Telangana is spread, far and wide in different countries of the world, who are always our proud representatives in their home countries. By becoming a part of ‘NRI Telangana Ambassador’ a new era of collaboration is being established between Telangana’s NRIs and Telangana Tourism, marking a new dawn, in connecting with the roots.
Our NRIs will serve to promote their native regions of the state, which are popular as well as hitherto under explored or unexplored destinations, in terms of promotions and overall visibility. Apart from this, the NRIs will also be promoting their surrounding other regions (close to their native destinations) and other tourism hotspots of Telangana, in their host countries, through active liaison and coordination with Telangana Tourism. In this regard, all Telugu speaking NRIs can be ambassadors of Telangana, forging a rich connect with the Telugu state of Telangana.

There are many special privileges extended to the NRI Ambassadors who are part of NRI Telangana Ambassador, with many home to home comforts being organized by Telangana Tourism. Whenever they visit India, the NRI ambassadors would be provided exclusive pick up facility from the airport and their program in India will be customized, with active consultation and coordination.
An exclusive traveler account would also be created and mileage points will be credited, to benefit their future travel from India to their home countries. Moreover, Telangana Tourism will extend the offer of free stays and visits to the tourist spots in the state. Their local accommodation would be taken care of.
Once they gain sufficient mileage points, the points can be redeemed for future travel or they can transfer the points to their persons of choice. They can even organize charity programs, sports and other events by availing the points. However, no cash will be paid for the points.

A Unique Collaboration with NRI’s

With this innovative programme of Telangana Ambassador, prospective tourists now gain first-hand information from the Tourism partners in different countries and regions. This will showcase the state as a great tourist destination, whilst promoting different destinations and events actively to a larger audience through the ambassadors.

If you wish to be a 'AMBASSADORS OF TELANGANA', please fill the details given below