Heritage Walk conducted at Royal Qutb Shahi Heritage Park

The Telangana Tourism Department, Govt. of Telangana along with Architecture and Design Foundation [India] organized a Heritage walk as a part of World Tourism Day celebration, one of an event in the series of walks and programs conducted in the same regards.

On 11th September ’16 , 60 students from Dr. Y.S.R. National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management reached the Royal Qutub Shahi Heritage Park to explore its magnificence, a one of its kind monument in the of this city of Hyderabad.

The walk started with a small introduction session by the president of Architecture and Design Foundation India (ADFI), Ar. Srinivas Murthy about the importance of heritage and why there is a need to protect and restore them, how as future citizens we can take care of our monuments. Later a brief history of the city was introduced to the students. After which the students were taken to the interpretation centre where they got a brief idea about the history of the tombs and the people buried in them and also the restoration process.

After the introduction session students were taken to the monument of Fatima Sultana the first tomb to be restored in the complex and the conservation architects from the Aga Khan Trust who are currently responsible for the restoration, practically explained the students the difference between a restored and non restored monument.

After which the walk continued to the great Boali (step well) where the lime motor and plaster was being prepared to be used on the monuments. Here the students witnessed how traditionally lime motor was made.

And then the last stop in the walk was the monuments of the first kings which are under restoration process currently. Here the volunteers from the Aga Khan Trust clearly explained the students the entire process of restoration. Here the students also discovered an underground tunnel, which apparently leads to the Golkonda fort.

After the last stop the students were let to explore the complex. After spending a good amount of time at the monument the students returned back to the cultural complex, where we had a small interaction session with the students. The walk concluded with this and the students went back home with some new learning’s and great exploration.