Bathukamma Festival


Bathukamma Festival



The unique festival of flowers in Telangana

Bathukamma is a colourful and vibrant festival of Telangana which is celebrated by women, with flowers that grow exclusively in each region of the state. This festival is a symbol of Telangana’s cultural identity.

Telangana Tourism, which has been at the forefront of promoting the state’s culture and tourism potential invites you to explore the festivities on the official website of Telangana Tourism, our official Facebook page and also through an exclusive Bathukamma App.

As part of the auspicious season of Durga Navarathrulu when Bathukamma is celebrated, Telangana Tourism is organizing contests marking the grand festivities in this Dussehra season.

We invite you to participate actively in the contests being organized by the Telangana Tourism in making Bathukamma 2017, a grand success.


Bathukamma Aata - Paata

The festival of Bathukamma is a moment of glory every year in the state when the culture and traditions come to the fore. Colorful dances and folk songs are an important element of this festival, which celebrates divine grace, in tune with nature.

Online users can now post their own Bathukamma video, involving a song or dance on the official social media page for Bathukamma celebrations and Telangana Tourism. The video is an opportunity to capture the grand celebrations in the form of quality videos of the festivities or any other aspect related to the festival.

Bathukamma Mucchata

Bathukamma is not just a festival but a grand celebration that involves religious rituals, in tune with the monsoon season when ponds are brimming with water while several flowers grow in abundance among lush greenery.

The social media followers of Telangana Tourism and online users can now shoot a brief video narration regarding the importance of this festival and other events and activities associated with it. The posts can also be related to the flowers used, the varieties of offerings made, the importance of each specific day in Bathukamma etc. The video contest is a great chance for the online users to express their views, experience, participation or knowledge regarding the festivities.

Bathukamma Photo

Bathukamma is not only a floral festival, but the rich hues of the flower colors, the traditional way of dressing by Telangana women, the manner in which the flowers are arranged, every aspect of the festival has a unique element of significance attached to it. This is an exciting contest where online/social media followers of telangana Tourism can upload/post high-definition pictures of the festival celebrations, preparations for the festival, the Bathukamma procession and a host of other events related to the festival on the official Facebook page.


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